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Hello, I'm Deniz, a composer, Turkish music theory teacher and marbling artist. 


I've discovered a connection between paper marbling and electroacoustic music; somehow, the visual patterns evoke a sense of sound for me. Electroacoustic music opens a wider door where I can utilize my experience in jazz, classical, Turkish traditional music.


I enjoy field recording, manipulating sound, and integrating these elements into my compositions. Sounds around us can be transformed electronically and can become an orchestra or band for a composer.


I've released two albums. The first, an exploration of acoustic, modal, and tonal elements, weaves Turkish music influences, making it a bit tricky to categorize into a specific genre. Each composition carries its own narrative. The second album ventures into electroacoustic territory, blending elements of Turkish music with an innovative touch.


I hold a master's degree in Turkish traditional music and have a keen interest in this and it's theory. My master's thesis delves into 17th-century Ottoman Music, exploring the historical and musical aspects of that time.


Away from the creative process, I find solace in the sea and enjoy freediving. The underwater world feels like a cosmos, offering a tranquil space for contemplation and peace.


Join me on this artistic journey where I explore the intersections of music and art. Thank you for being a part of my creative exploration.

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