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Unleashed: The Story Behind My Latest Album Release

For a while, ideas had been swirling in my mind to create a new piece of music. The time had finally come to materialize these thoughts. In October 2023, I started composing. During the composition process, I felt that I was delving beyond my usual ideas and moving towards an unconventional style, even within the electroacoustic genre. This also created a strange sense of loneliness within me.

Experimenting with my freediving flippers and incorporating typical Turkish melody motifs, playing Turkish drums over a boiling kettle pot, employing the Turkish tuning system in an abstract way (let's call this microtonal!), diving into the opportunities of synthesizers, and using my fretless guitar as a lead instrument were a totally exciting process for me.

Actually, I was planning to add more pieces to the album, but this would cause a delay in the release time. However, I wanted to make a good start to 2024, so I decided to release the album with 4 pieces. In spring 2024, I plan to release an album including traditional songs from the 17th century. These songs have never been played and recorded in the 20th century. Exploring traditional songs dating back 400 years while also composing music for the future evokes a truly exciting feeling. Like a journey through time.

You can listen to the album for free on my website or use streaming services. If you'd like to watch video clips from the album, you can visit my YouTube channel.

I really hope you will enjoy the album "Fretless Guitar & Electroacoustic". Put your headphones on, shut out the outside world and immerse yourself in this new musical experience!


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